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Aug 22, 2009 10:00pm EDT
... ♪ somebody's watching me.'s the money you could be saving with geico. who's watching? ♪ tell me who's watching. (muffled music) (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico.  >> bob: fans out on a satur night they have something to smile about. 5th in the league in runs. 3rd behind the phillies and rockies. maybe tonight is sosa. cameron 4 for 4. 3 r.b.i.s. if there is a night where you are going to get a triple, this is the night. picking up a wet baseball. he needs the triple. the cycle. >> bob: and belliard when he in the inning. 2 outs and lopez the 2nd. sosa the first to get cameron out. dunn in the number 3 hold. he leads off bottom of the 7th. he has been on base twice. zimmerman and belliard looking for the cycle to follow. if you're like a lot of people, you have high blood press.. and you have high cholesterol. you've taken steps to try and lower both your numbers. but how close are you to your goals? there may be more you can do. only caduet combines two proven medicines...
Aug 29, 2009 10:00pm EDT
. the geico scoring drive, carolina 12 plays 80 yards. carolina's 80 yards on the drive. 124 yards for the night. on the kick return it's lardarius webb. he takes a big hit. he is pin balled down. >> gerry: 17-10, the ravens lead. 11 time minutes left in the fourth q. we want to know who you think will be the ravens kicker: steve hauschka, graham gano or does john harbaugh go back to the history books and bring matt stover back. the numbers are staggering. steve hauschka 21% and 75% think matt stover will be the kicker. >> stan: matt is confident. >> gerry: troy smith connecting with harper for the first. graham gano as the long shot. we'll see if he gets anyshots. we watch gano warming up, you think he may get one field goal try if the opportunity presents itself. troy smith to the near side. the 45 yard-line. troy smith starting to move the ball. this pre-season has been somewhat lopsided into tonight as hauschka isn't perfect. after he missed a 27-yarder tont you wonder if john harbaugh is as confident as earlier tier tonight. john harb
Aug 9, 2009 12:00pm EDT
with geico. who's watching? ♪ tell me who's watching. (muffled music) (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico. form tomorrow it's the orioles and the toronto blue jay, game 32. orioles have some changes. felix pie starts, playing left field. brian roberts can't play because he fouled a ball off his shin yesterday. robert andino plays second. adam jones bats third. welcome to roch kubatko. how about the trade of greg zaun? >> how can you trade a guy who makes the best food? >> tom: that's right, two days after he won. >> it will be a player, not a cash transaction. it's not like a cash transaction with rich hill when andy mcphail just collected the change between the seat cushions. there will be a player coming back. we don't know yet. chad moehler offers the same things that greg zaun does, he is a pack stop. he will block the pitches in the dirt and will block the trade. the question is, why do you make the trade? it's interesting, dave trembley says he wants matt wieters to start playi
Aug 15, 2009 10:00pm EDT
with geico.  >> adam jones had a triple that set up the orioles only run. he would score on a double by nick markakis. adam jones to game. was it mixing it up or location wise. >> he's a good pitcher. he relies on the slider and the fastball location. so he, he benefitted from it and he threw a good game. we tip our hats off. we're not going concede to him, but he threw a good game. >> adam, how do you think brian held up. >> that was one inning. he threw a terrific game. it was one inning. that's what everyone will think about rather than he did throw 5 pretty good inning. >> so adam jones goes one out 5, a triple and the run scored. 66 rbi to the year and talked about john lackey who pitched a good game. when you look at his line, 7 inning, one run on 7 hits and the orioles had base runners in 6 of the 7 inning. there was only one 3 up 3 down inning and that was the last one he pitched. >> he knows the weakness of every hitter. look at the pitches he makes. rarely ever do you see ball down the middle of the plate. he's on the corner and very tough to hit these kind of pitches. nick
Aug 1, 2009 10:00pm EDT
somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico. all the way to the home, you meant... we bring fiber optic all the way to the home. um... which gives you more bandwidth than cable. so you can upload faster. so it's like comparing a horse and buggy to a sports car. am i the, uh, horse? (announcer) it's a whole new internet. makes uploading as easy as downloading. because your internet's not fast unless it's two-way fast. >> nats' extra post-game show is brought to you in part by verizon fios, the fastest internet, this is fios, this is big. and by mcdonald's. feeling thrusty? try a refreshing 32-ounce sweet tea. i'm loving it. welcome back. in case you just joined us, the pay rats' offense was the rule of the day. byron kerr and ray knight as pittsburgh takes game two and the nationals started off like gangbusters in the first inning. we thought it might be a good night for the nats' offense, too. >> it sure looked like it. stammen, with his history of going deep enough in the ballgame and howing tapes three runs. the base hit up the middle by christian guzman. and z
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5